Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Yes, my native land, I love thee"

My lesson today for the primary kids is on the hymns. I found this hymn in the original LDS hymnbook from 1835, and I thought it was really touching to imagine how it must have affected many of my own ancestors. Almost all of my LDS ancestors were immigrants from Europe. It would have been heartbreaking to leave their native land behind, even being motivated by faith. This song captures those emotions beautifully. I had to share it with you.
Hymn 51 • Yes, my native land, I love thee
HYMN 51. P. M.
1 Yes, my native land, I love thee,
All thy scenes I love them well,
Friends, connexions, happy country!
Can I bid you all farewell?
Can I leave thee—
Far in distant lands to dwell?
2 Home! thy joys are passing lovely;
Joys no stranger-heart can tell!
Happy home! ’tis sure I love thee!
Can I—can I—say Farewell?
Can I leave thee—
Far in distant lands to dwell?
3 Holy scenes of joy and gladness,
Ev’ry fond emotion swell,
Can I banish heart-felt sadness
While I bid my home farewell?
Can I leave thee—
Far in distant lands to dwell?
4 Yes! I hasten from you gladly,
From the scenes I love so well! [p. 67]
Faraway, ye billows, bear me:
Lovely, native land farewell!
Pleas’d I leave thee—
Far in distant lands to dwell.
5 In the deserts let me labor,
On the mountains let me tell,
How he died—the blessed Savior—
To redeem a world from hell!
Let me hasten,
Far in distant lands to dwell.
6 Bear me on, thou restless ocean;
Let the winds my canvass swell—
Heaves my heart with warm emotion,
While I go far hence to dwell,
Glad I bid thee,
Native land!—Farewell—Farewell.


  1. I love this. Do you know if the tune is any good. I am back directing the ward choir and always on the hunt for something new to sing.

    1. You're the choir director? That's awesome! I would love to be in your choir. I also love our choir now. Richard Tolbert is the director, but I guess you don't know him? Didn't they move in after you moved out?

      I don't know the tune. None of the 1835 hymns had set tunes; they were flexible. In fact there is no music at all in that hymnal. Just the lyrics. I wish I knew which tune they used. There is nice imagery for all of us in this hymn, about leaving our premortal home.

  2. I think I found the tune, but I don't like how they sing it.

  3. Apparently they sang it also to greenville = Go tell aunt Rhody the Old grey goose is dead.

  4. I could use you in the choir. We have like five tenors and two sopranos and my Kate. And that is all.