Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rodičovství je posvátnou povinností

"Visiting teaching" is a really neat thing in my church. Every woman over the age of 18 is assigned a partner, a "companion." We are also assigned other women to go visit-teach, which basically just means going to their home, talking with them, and sharing a spiritual message once each month. But really, your job is also to be there for them if they need help, and to let the bishop or relief society president know what they need.
I have taken many dinners to my visiting teachees, watched their children (many, many times), listened to them cry when they needed a friend, brought them our hand-me-down clothes, given them rides to and from places, and even helped them receive church welfare (food, money, etc). Visiting teaching is the system that my church uses to ensure that families and individuals are getting the temporal care and relief they need.
The message this month is about parenthood. You can find it here.
I decided to read it in Czech. It's probably really awful. But I thought I would post it anyway.

I think parenthood is really important. This belief is directly connected to my interest in family history. It is interesting to me to understand what my ancestors thought about parenthood. The more I learn about them, the more respect and love I have for them. I believe and hope that someday, I will be able to meet these people who I spend so much time thinking and learning about. It will be really wonderful to be able to thank them for making my life possible through their choice to become parents.
I hope that I am and will always continue to be a good mother.

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