Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm Back! Genealogy Goals and Projects for 2015!

Hey! I'm alive! And now that I'm officially 6 weeks postpartum (as in, my life is returning to normal again!) it's time to resume this blog!

I took an almost year-long hiatus from this blog because I was working on family present. Teehee. And here she is! Miss Cora Madeline Challis!

Weird that they posted in opposite chronological order, but whatever.

My goal for 2015 is to write on this blog every week, rather than every day. However, of course when the muse to write is present, I won't restrict her!

I want to become a Board Certified Genealogist. This will be my THIRD year extending my application. I can't believe I haven't completed it yet! Ugh! At least last year I did have an awesome excuse. Being pregnant means all of my kids' nap times suddenly become my shared nap times, because I'm so exhausted. I don't get morning sickness (neither did my mom or grandma apparently), but that doesn't mean being pregnant is a walk in the park.

Because it surely isn't.

I have other personal goals, like taking my family back 7 generations on all of the lines, and getting more names prepared to do proxy LDS temple work (such as baptisms for the dead). I'd like to take clients again because that was extremely fun.

However, that will have to be on pause until I can officially be a Certified Genealogist. I've learned that taking on clients whilst working on my application is definitely more than I can do at a time.

So! Two big genealogy goals. Blog and get certified. I think I can do it!