Friday, January 31, 2014

Mnemonic devices for memorizing Czech Months (English)

This is mostly for my benefit but I decided to post it in case there are any other English-speaking Czech researchers out there who have a hard time remembering the Czech months of the year.

Leden - led is Czech for "ice." Led sounds like "lead". This is kind of how my heart feels in January. Full of lead.

únor - Only "uno" more month until spring! Right, Mr. Groundhog?

Březen - I think the wind could make the sound "b-zhhhhhhhhhhh" like in Březen. There's lots of wind in March.

Duben - this means "oak tree" in Czech. The town of Dubina, Texas was named for the oak trees. Think: blossoming oak trees. April showers bring May flowers...except oak trees...which come in April...right...? 

května - This is a huge stretch for me. It looks a little bit like "cat" and there is the word "vet" in there, sort of. I "MAY" not be around cats because I am allergic! 

červen - June is the first month of summer and only has the first part of the word.

červenec - July is the second month of summer and has both parts of the word. 

srpen - Imagine a serpent coming to tempt Eve in the would probably be more persuasive in August, right? Okay that's a huge stretch.

září - September is the time for back-to-school shopping, which we all do at that fancy-pants store Zara.

říjen - The čárka and the dot of the j make the eye holes for the jack-o-lantern for October. 

listopad - November is the month of my birthday, and I love making lists. And this particular list is useful to nobody except me.

prosinec - If you say this word quickly, it sort of sounds like "presents" which is what you get for Christmas in December.

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  1. That is quite interesting :) I cant get used to the last months of the year - October, November and December. Any ideas of mnemonics for Czech speakers :-D ?