Friday, January 3, 2014

Follow Friday: Michele Simmons Lewis

Today I'm going to link you to one of my favorite bloggers in the genealogy world: Michele Simmons Lewis author of

While not a Czech researcher, her insights into genealogy research apply to all geographical areas of interest. She took a short blogging hiatus (phew! Good to know I wasn't the only one!) these past two weeks, but promises that her posts will keep coming after January 6.

One of my favorite posts that she wrote last year convinced me that I need to consistently use a research log, especially in my own personal research projects. Why does this always cause me to groan internally? At least by starting now and doing it throughout the year, I will have a fresh start. I can do this! Agh!

She also has some helpful posts about the Genealogical Proof Standard. My favorite is about the "Reasonably Exhaustive Search." Not only does she describe what it is, but how to achieve it. Again, her process involves research calenders or logs, and research binders. And again I feel guilty. Haha.

Czech her out!

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